Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saskatchewan Reflector

The Saskatchewan Reflector 9300 is now fully functioning at it's new site. The Yorkton Fire Hall now hosts the location for the equipment and Access Communications provides the internet connection required.

The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League (SARL), provides the funding required to maintain the equipment, and SARL and the Parkland Amateur Radio Club (PARC) jointly monitor, making sure the system is working at it's best.

Randy (ve5rjm)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We Are?

The Parkland Amateur Radio Club (P.A.R.C.), consists of amateur radio operators, who commonly share a common interest in many aspects of amateur radio, located in the parklands, covering East Central Saskatchewan.

The Parkland Amateur Radio Club hosts a great system, integrating both VHF / UHF and V.O.I.P. communication systems, that can be linked to other systems around the world. Our club achieved this through many volunteer hours, from all our members, donations from fellow ham operators, from far and wide, and through the people and organizations around our local coverage area.
We are continuing to grow, by new members coming onboard, and we are constantly upgrading and adding to our already proven reliable system.

We have chosen to have an open forum such as this blog, where visitors, guests, and fellow ham operators, can post ideas, comments and suggestions, or even projects regarding amateur radio, to share with others, there are really no limitations.

You may login as anonymous,
and this site will be monitored regularly for spam.

Randy Molyneaux (VE5 RJM)